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FillBoard Advertising

“Shaking Hands” With Your Target Market

The FillBoard™ unit is a patent-protected, 3-piece plastic advertising display that attaches directly over gas nozzles to reach consumers while they refuel their vehicles. This type of message is a “can’t be missed” format that delivers your clients messages directly into the hands of the consumer, who must look at the medium at least four times during the fueling process:

FillBoard™ Advertising Offers Your Clients These Benefits …

  • On average consumers stop 5 times a month at a Gas station/C-Store
  • Reaches consumers during their daily lifestyle – consumers typically stop 1-2 miles of where they live and work
  • Deliver an engaged, captive audience for 3-5 minutes as customers fill up at the station
  • FillBoards™ allow customers to basically “shake hands” with your message
  • 116,500 impressions per month-per station (40,000 stations)

The Station Domination Effect

FillBoard™ advertising can be used as a stand-alone element in a campaign, or is commonly sold in conjunction with our Gas Pump Top and Ice Box (Frozen Billboards™) products to create a “station domination” effect for your campaign.

Market Penetration

Similar to Gas Pump Top advertising, FillBoards™ are a place-based media that can be used to geo-target specific audiences by market, zip code, neighborhood, radius, county, etc., and is available in different levels up to a 50 showing.

National Coverage in 40,000 Gas Stations
and Convenience Stores

We work with over 40,000 gas stations and convenience stores nationwide, and have partnerships with major gas station and convenience chains in the United States.

Delivering Quality Impressions

Over a dozen research studies, across several product categories, prove FillBoards™ ability to achieve a high level of brand recall, increase purchase intent, build store traffic at convenience stores, and increase product sales.

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