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Frozen Billboard Advertising

Introducing “Frozen” Billboards™

Frozen Billboards™ (Ice Box Wraps) are simply very large visible outdoor ice box containers that are placed outside entrances to busy convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores, grocery stores and other specialty, high-traffic locations.

Frozen Billboard™ Benefits …

  • High Impact advertising medium visible from 50+ yards away
  • 3-D graphics allow for creative visual concepts and elements
  • Unique platform creates “buzz”
  • Reach and engage the “on-the-go” consumer
  • Combine with Gas Station Advertising products — FillBoard and Gas Pump Top to create a “Market Domination” effect
  • Lifestyle Media—consumers shop where they live and work

Large 3-D Graphics

Frozen Billboards™ are wrapped in a 3-D sheet that gives your clients many different options when creating their messages. These large 3-D mediums are seen by customers as they are coming and going from a gas station, convenience store or other busy location.

98% Market Exclusivity and National Coverage
– 50,000 Nationwide

If you’ve ever seen an ice box advertisement anywhere in the United States, there is a 98% chance it is one of ours. We have over 50,000 Frozen Billboards™ nationwide, and locally we can zero in on your target market, down to the zip code, and radius.

AllOver Media has exclusive contracts with the nation’s three largest Ice Companies, which cover 98% of all ice box containers in the United States…giving you unprecedented coverage for your clients trying to reach the elusive “on-the-go” consumer.

The Station Domination Effect

Ice Box advertising (Frozen Billboards™) can be used as a stand-alone element in a campaign, or is commonly sold in conjunction with our Gas Pump Top and FillBoard™ products to create a “station domination” effect for any campaign.

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