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How to Reach the Elusive “On-the-Go” Consumer?


The biggest challenge marketers have reaching on-the-go consumers is finding them. If you are a food company trying to reach a busy mom with meal ideas, how do you get in front of her? How do you reach her? She wakes up early in the morning to make lunches for her kids. She gets her kids quickly off to school. She heads to her own busy day at work. She picks up her kids after school, gets them to soccer and feeds them something. Ultimately, she takes them home, helps with homework and prepares for the same day tomorrow. The biggest challenge is how to find her and get in front of her.

How Do You Engage Your Target Audience?

The easy part for marketers is to define their target audience. When they are trying to reach that busy mom, the easy part is defining her as a busy mom. The difficult part is to understand her daily life and rituals. It is difficult to understand where to engage and intercept her with the right message so that she understands not only what your brand is but also, in this instance, what that meal idea is. It is difficult to get her excited about making a purchase and connecting with your message.

Marketers must find a way to engage that busy mom
throughout her day; otherwise, they waste their investment


Uncovering the Appropriate Media Choices

Best-in-class companies understand not only buying behaviors but also the lifestyle and rituals associated with them. Understanding all those factors reveals the appropriate media choices for reaching that target consumer.

Different Solutions For Different Times of the Day!

For example, if you are trying to reach this busy mom, the right way to get her in the morning may be radio advertising as she drives her children to school. In the afternoon, the best way may be through an app on her phone that she uses during her kids’ soccer practice. It could be gas station advertising on her way home as she is getting something for her kids. In the evening, the right way to reach her could be on her iPad as she is lying awake and thinking about what the next day will bring.