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Featured Campaign: FX Sons of Anarchy



Sons Of Anarchy AllOver Media

The Objective

FX channel was looking to promote “Sons of Anarchy” at one of the world’s largest motorcycle rallies in Sturgis, South Dakota.

The show features a biker theme and advertising at the rally was a natural fit for FX to reach a high concentration of potential viewers.

SOA and Sturgis AllOver Media

The Challenges

FX was launching their new motorcycle themed show and wanted to reach motorcycle enthusiasts. The challenges they faced were:

1. Getting in front of those motorcycle enthusiasts/potential viewers

2. Making an impactful statement with the opportunity

Sturgis Rally AllOver Media

The Solution

FX took advantage of AllOver Media gas station platforms to reach motorcycle enthusiasts on their way to and from the rally.

Utilizing a “station domination” approach they were able to create an impactful message for rally attendees.

AllOver Media Sturgis Map

The Execution

With strategically chosen venues and advertising platforms both at the pumps and throughout the store, FX was able to reach rally attendees in a powerful way.  AllOver Media platforms provided:

• Targeted coverage that reached motorcycle enthusiasts

• 3-5 minute engagement with potential viewers at the pump

• Multiple touch points at each venue providing impact and retention

Sturgis Station Domination AllOver Media
Some of the items utilized in the campaign are shown above:
Pump Tops, Hose Clings, Squeegees, Coffee Sleeves, Floor Mats, Window Clings


FX experienced great results with their station domination campaign efforts.  They were able to successfully:

• Target motorcycle enthusiast/Sturgis attendees

• Gain a captive audience while bikers were at the pumps

• Generate word of mouth buzz with bikers entering the rally

• Create impact and retention with multiple touch points in each venue

Sturgis 5 Year OOH AllOver Media

Campaign Photos

Campaign Photos SOA with AllOver Media

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