AllOver Media

Truckside Advertising

Traveling “Eye-Level” Billboards

AllOver Media continues to be a leader and innovator in the truckside advertising industry and is the only truckside company to provide a full line of services as part of every campaign. Truckside advertising is a hybrid of traditional outdoor billboards and transit advertising. It provides the size and impact of traditional billboards, with the mobility of transit advertising to provide Out-of-Home (OOH) coverage in areas where traditional billboards are limited or restricted.

Point-of-Purchase Messaging

Reach consumers while they’re in a spending mode. Eighty-five percent of our fleet partner deliveries are made to the front or side of their delivery destination, making your message visible to all nearby pedestrian and street level traffic at many of the country’s top retailers, restaurants, C-stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Market Penetration (200+ Markets)

Our mobile truckside billboards not only provide effective OOH coverage in downtown and urban metro areas, they also provide extensive coverage throughout the suburban communities in each market

Circulation Mix: Our trucks spend a good part of their day traveling on the major interstates and thoroughfares, they also travel many of the city arteries and surface streets, which generates a large number of pedestrian and street level impressions.

Covering the Top 20 Markets

Our truckside billboards offer complete DMA coverage and combine careful carrier selection, with our thorough research capabilities for geo-demographic targeting. AllOver Media can drive your message to any market nationwide! Our truckside billboards proved effective OOH coverage throughout the downtown, urban metros and suburban areas of each DMA.

Measuring and Tracking Truckside Campaigns

AllOver Media maximizes value for our client’s truckside advertising investment through our research and technology applications.

Introducing RADAR™ (Road-Type Allocation & Density–Based Allotment Report)

Our proprietary software program, aptly named RADAR™, determines the average number of people who see truckside advertising campaigns in a given market. It combines Federal Highway Administrations statistics on population density, traffic density and types of roads being utilized in a market to determine the average impression (DEC) per truck in a designated market.

GPS Mapping Ensures Program Coverage and Performance

GPS mapping provides detailed market coverage of the trucks in your campaign. In addition to high-exposure freeway and interstate coverage, city frontage roads and surface streets supplement these core thoroughfares to generate additional street level and pedestrian impressions.

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